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General Information

Discontinued Product Flyer (DISNP1210)
2012 Product Updates (ISSANP12)
Private Labeling (ISSAPL09)
FDA CFR 21 Compliance Letter
50th Anniversary Program Book


Mopster™ ProPack Brochure (MPP1304)
The Mopster™ Microfiber Bucketless Handle (LBH1208R)
Microfiber Brochure (MF1210)
Microfiber Bar Towel (MTBT0905T)
How to use the Microfiber Technologies™ System (MTHT109S)
Green Cleaning with Microfiber (MTMF0909)
LBH18 Instruction Sheet (AILBH18)


Dusting Tools (DF0712)

Mopping Equipment

Side press Combo Water Management System Flyer (8YF1110)


Gator® Compact Cleaning Cart (68550602)
The Gator® Anchor (77080608)
1850 GatorMate™ (GMF105)
Pinch'm™ (PM0707)
Waste Receptacles (WR0707)
Thin Bin Lids for Recycling (TBL1010)
New Improved 44 Gallon Gator® Flyer (44G1110)


Baby Changing Table (1007BCFS)
Foameeze® Bulk Foam Soap Dispensers (BFSF0804)
Proper Hand Washing Procedures (HWC0803)
Hand Washing Instructions (HWLABEL408)
ParaFree™ Odor Control (PARA1108)
Washroom System Evaluation (WE0908)
Z-Aire™ Odor Control System (ZA1002)
Z-Screen™ Deodorizing Urinal Screen (ZSS0909)
Z-Aire™ Cartridges New Fragrance (ZSS1010)
Metered Aerosol Brochure (MAF1105)
Z-Mat™ Deodorizing Urinal & Commode Mats (ZMEU10)


Groovy Bottle Update (BOR1208)

Utility/Material Handling

Amazing Sponge Flyer (ASF0909)
The Amazing Enduro Cloth™ (AEC1009)
Smoking Management (SM1010)
Material Handling (MH0707)


8209 Blue Nitrile Flock-lined Nitrile Gloves (NGL1209)
Reusable Gloves (1007RGPS)
Hands On Solution Brochure (HOS1110)
ProGuard® White Nitrile Glove Overview (WNG1202)


GHS Flyer (GHS1403)

PPE Dispenser Flyer (PPED1211)
Disposable Clothing Brochure (DC1207)
Sharp Containers (SHRP0707)
Disposable Clothing Brochure (DC1110)

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Washroom | Utility/Material Handling | Safety


325A Apple Zing Metered Aerosol Air Freshener
325B Ocean Breeze Metered Aerosol Air Freshener
325BS Bayberry Spice Metered Aerosol Air Freshener
325C Cinnamon Twist Metered Aerosol Air Freshener
325CH Cherry Blossom Metered Aerosol Air Freshener
325CL Clean Blast Metered Aerosol Air Freshener
325L Linen Fresh Metered Aerosol Air Freshener
325LF Lemon Frost Metered Aerosol Air Freshener
325M Mulberry Mist Metered Aerosol Air Freshener
325MA Tropical Mango Metered Aerosol Air Freshener
325O Orange Zest Metered Aerosol Air Freshener
325V Vanilla Bean Metered Aerosol Air Freshener
325W Watermelon Slice Metered Aerosol Air Freshener
354C 30 Day Air Freshener Cartridge Cherry
356S 30 Day Air Freshener Cartridge Spice
358P 30 Day Air Freshener Cartridge Paradise
361B 30 Day Air Freshener Cartridge Ocean Breeze
363O 30 Day Air Freshener Cartridge Orange Burst
366CB 30 Day Air Freshener Cartridge Citrus Burst
367CB 30 Day Air Freshener Cartridge Country Berry
391B Cherry OdorGuard® Concentrate
391B Cherry Ready-to-Use OdorGuard®
393B Green Apple OdorGuard® Concentrate
654C 60 Day Air Freshener Cartridge Cherry
655M 60 Day Air Freshener Cartridge Mint
660B 60 Day Air Freshener Cartridge Ocean Breeze
770 Z-Drain™
1400 Deluxe Deodorant Urinal Screen White Cherry
1401 Deluxe Deodorant Urinal Screen Cherry
1402 Deluxe Deodorant Urinal Screen Bubblegum
1403 Deluxe Deodorant Urinal Screen Mint
1410 Deluxe Deodorant Urinal Screen Green Apple
1411 Deluxe Deodorant Urinal Screen Lemon
1412 Deluxe Deodorant Urinal Screen Blue Cherry
1421 Deluxe Deodorant Urinal Screen Vanilla
1440 Pee Wee Deodorizing Urinal Screen Red Cherry
1450SP Regular Deodorant Urinal Screen White Cherry
1451 Regular Deodorant Urinal Screen Cherry
1452 Regular Deodorant Urinal Screen Bubblegum
1453 Regular Deodorant Urinal Screen Mint
1453G Regular Deodorant Urinal Screen Green Apple (Waxie)
1456 Regular Deodorant Urinal Screen Dark Purple Cherry
1457 Regular Deodorant Urinal Screen Purple Cherry Pacific Breeze
1460 Regular Deodorant Urinal Screen Gray Green Apple
1471 Super Deluxe Deodorant Urinal Screen Cherry
1472 Super Deluxe Deodorant Urinal Screen Bubblegum
1490 Z-Screen™ Orchard Zing
1491 Z-Screen™ Winter Frost
1491P Z-Screen™ Winter Frost (plain)
1492 Z-Screen™ Cherry Burst
1493 Z-Screen™ Citrus Zest
1495 Z-Screen™ Fresh Blast
1496 Z-Screen™ Minted Herb
1497 Z-Screen™ Cucumber Melon
1525 Urinal Mats
1525-5 Urinal Mats
1550 Commode Mats
1550-5 Commode Mats
9400C ParaFree Urinal Screen Cherry
9400CS ParaFree Urinal Screen
9403M ParaFree Urinal Screen Mint
9403MS ParaFree Urinal Screen Mint
9423 3 Oz. ParaFree Urinal Toss Block
9450C ParaFree Rim Cage Cherry
9450G ParaFree Rim Cage Apple
9480G ParaFree Urinal Screen Apple
9480NF ParaFree Urinal Screen No Frag
9480O ParaFree Urinal Screen Orange
9480S ParaFree Urinal Screen Spice
94901 ParaFree BigBloc Urinal Screen Emerald Mist
94902 ParaFree BigBloc Urinal Screen Cherry

777 Z-Aire™ Citrus Zest
778 Z-Aire™ Fresh Blast
779 Z-Aire™ Cherry Burst
780 Z-Aire™ Orchard Zing

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Barricade Odor Defense System

801512BBS & 801504BBS Fragrance Stix - Breezes of Big Sky
801512EE & 801504EE Fragrance Stix - Essence of Everest
801512ML & 801504ML Fragrance Stix - Mahogany Lodge
801512MF & 801504MF Fragrance Stix - Mandarin Fields
801512MB & 801504MB Fragrance Stix - Ming Blossoms
801512MD & 801504MD Fragrance Stix - Moroccan Dusk
801512OO & 801504OO Fragrance Stix - Orchids of Oahu
801512SI & 801504SI Fragrance Stix - Saharan Ivory
801512SPR & 801504SPR Fragrance Stix - Spices of the Pacific Rim
801512TBS & 801504TBS Fragrance Stix - Tempest Blue Seas
801512VR & 801504VR Fragrance Stix - Venetian Romance

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Utility/Material Handling

7150 The Amazing Sponge
7151 The Super Amazing Sponge

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7317 First Aid Kits (Alcohol Pads First Aid Kits, Sting Relief, Ammonia Inhalant, Burn Cream, Cold Packs)
7318 First Aid Kits (Alcohol Pads First Aid Kits, Sting Relief, Ammonia Inhalant, Burn Cream, Cold Packs)
7348 Lens Cleaning Solution
7349 Eye Wash Saline Concentrate
7351 Bloodborne Pathogen Cleanup Kit (Absorbent Powder, Antiseptic Towelette, Disposable Wipe)
7353 Bloodborne Pathogen Cleanup Kit (Absorbent Powder, Antiseptic Towelette, Protect Disinfectant Spray)
7354 Bloodborne Pathogen Cleanup Kit -- No Disinfectant
7355 Deluxe Cleanup Absorbent Kit (Absorbent Powder, Antiseptic Towelette, Quaternary Ammonium Solution)
7396 Eye Saline Concentrate
7396C Eye Saline Concentrate
7850 First Aid Kits (Alcohol Pads, Ammonia Inhalant, Cold Pack, First Aid Cream)
7852 Eye Irrigate
7364B Lens Cleaning Wipes
73491 16 oz. Eye Wash Solution

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Impact Barricade™ - Your Odor Defense System (2:30 minute informational video)


Our exciting new Corporate Capabilities video (2 minute informational video)


Impact's new Mopster ProPack is now available! (1 minute Infomercial)


Impact's new Mopster ProPack is now available! (4 minute Information Video)


Testing showing the tip resistance of Impact Products' 7708 Gator Anchor®.


Testing showing the reduction in pull force for Impact Products' improved design for 32 and 44 Gallon Gator® Containers (7732 & 7744).

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Mopster™ from Impact!

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